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On the nose this gin is weighed down by kawakawa while the citrus notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit light up your olfactory bulb. Thyme waits in the background. On tasting, the kawakawa is still predominant, but the thyme comes to the fore along with layers of sage, liquorice, and tarata, which binds all these aromas together. There is a long liquorice and citrus finish. This gin is a mix of traditional herbs from the Mediterranean and Aotearoa, blending the culinary histories of Julien and Michael.

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    East Imperial  Royal Botanic tonic adding grapefruit and cinnamon up your nostrils

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    500ml bottle or 250ml bottle available

  • Point of interest

    Thyme & Sage is two of the ingredients for this gin. We get the heavier notes of thyme from macerating dried thyme in the boiler and we get the lighter, more aromatic, notes from fresh thyme vapour distilled in the gin basket.

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