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500 Milliliters

"A family recipe since 1926"

At 72% ABV, the little green fairy is potent in this bottle.

There are several different ways to drink this spirit: one of which is to drink it straight. Only absinthes of the very highest calibre taste good straight and we’re proud to boast that the No8 Absinthe tastes great even at rocket fuel levels.

Not everyone is prepared to wrestle the green fairy at full strength and many a bar will burn absinthe-soaked sugar until it caramelises and then add it, still burning, to the rest of the measure. The flames can be put out by adding cold water, which will bring the absinthe roughly to a reasonable 38% ABV to be savoured, preferably in a crystal glass. 

This recipe has been handed down in Julien's family over three generations.

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