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Tasting session
You are welcome to join Julien for a free talk & tasting everyday
Tuesday to Saturday - 12 pm to 5pm
No.8  Tasting
No booking - Tuesday to Friday at 12.30pm

You will discover the secrets to No.8 artisan spirits & taste 3 of our best spirits.

45 mins. $25 per person.

A journey in heart of No8

Tuesday to Saturday

You will discover the secrets of  No.8 artisan spirits, be initiat at the distilation, tasting of all our gins, absinthe, some liqueurs, and a delicious G&T.

 (you will need a safe driver home afterwards).

90 mins. $30 per person.

A forager journey.

Since day one Julien & Michael forage native plants and flowers in Dunedin to creat they unique and awarded spirits.

Join our master distiller Julien for a full fully immersion as forager. He will share a secret foraging location, teach how to use plant in spirits, initiate about the flore during a small hike around Dunedin.

Half day. Minimum of  2 to 4 people. Price & package infos under request.

Tour & Hands-on Cocktail.

You will discover the secrets to No.8 artisan spirits, tasting 3 of our best spirits.

Finish by a hands-on cocktail class with Julien explaining the basic cocktail methods that you can do at home.

Minimum of  2 people. Finger food included.

90 mins. $50 per person. 

Chocolate and Spirits pairing

Pair chocolate with fine spirits is one of the most exiting thing to do.

We will travelling around the world to  pair rare spirits to a selection of

NZ craft chocolates.

Book the next cession

(*or contact us for a private workshop).

90 mins. 5 pairing. $60 per person.

Craft beer and Spirits pairing

YES! Beer and spirit lovers can be paired.

You will upgarde you taste bud and discover a new world of possibility!

Book the next cession

(*or contact us for a private workshop).

 90 mins. 4 pairing. $90 per person. Snack included.

Gin workshop -Coming soon-

Designed for beginners, and covering the basic processes for distilling gin.

An excellent way to learn, to make your own artisan gin and to extend your skills at blending and tasting. It’s also a great way to taste, smell and understand a wide range of aromatic botanicals.

- Overview of different types of stills and what they are suited for
- The process of distillation, how it works and what it can produce
- Practical hands on distillation of spirit

- Experiment with blending using our incredible range of essences to create your own gin with that special wildcard ingredient
- Explanation and procedures
- Recipes, resources and equipment
- Question and answers

Book the next cession

(*or contact us for a private workshop, minimum of 4 people).

 Half day - $180.

Liqueur workshop -Coming soon-

 Half day - $180.

Gin & Rum
Dunners Social club
Join the Dunners social club!
The club for people who are interested in our spirits and others from Aotearoa and we will invite them to be on our tasting panels to test out new flavours and products.
We plan to hold these panels in the locations of other licensed venues and also have pairing evenings with other local suppliers, bars or restaurants to match good food and spirits!
    Join the Dunners social club    
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