Dine Dunedin
No8 Distillery is the only Gin, Rum and liquor distiller in Dunedin.
We're here to demystify distilling right here in Moray Place in the
window of Dog with Two Tails.
We mix traditional with modern coming up with innovative means to create some surprising new flavours in our spirits as well as the old favourites.
You are welcome to join us for a free talk & testing
 No8 gins & liquors, with a pre-order options!
  •  Friday 14 - Saturday 15 - 5pm to 7pm
  • Friday 21 - Saturday 22 - 5pm to 7pm
And in partnership with Dog with two tails be ready for an "After work cocktails!"
4pm to late - Friday 7 to Saturday 22 August
Cocktail selections....
Fringe - $15
No8 hibiscus gin for subtle floral notes, Curaçao and lime for the twist, and a few bubbles for a floral burst.
Image by Jason Wong
Image by Helena Lopes
Green Fairy - $12
Follow the absinthe fairy to her botanical underworld. She'll sooth your nerves with her calming herbs and have you forgetting the worries of this world.
Royal Caipirinha - $16
Carnival time! Lime, mint and Cachaça. It's a botanical rum to entangle your senses and bewitch your behind.
Pink Floyd - $16
We combine No8 Gin mixed with raspberry vodka with Guava juice and a dash of lemon hightens the flavours.
Xo Espresso Martini - $18
Get hugged by El Patron Tequila and kissed by freshly ground Vanguard coffee beans.
Chartreusesito - $18
Twisted French version of the iconic Mojito. With a base of 130 plants, it’s a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.
Image by Timur Romanov
Image by Timur Romanov
Image by Timur Romanov
Image by Timur Romanov